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March 28, 2018



Several weeks ago my computer died, went kaput, imploded, or was otherwise inoperable. I spent hours trying to fix that computer. Nothing worked. There were problems with the machine which were too advanced for me to fix and components which required tools I did not own. It was only because of a friend that my laptop can now write these words. 


This is also true for the film production I've been a part of. Wrapped is a film about overcoming insecurities, and the act of making this film is an act of overcoming personal insecurities each person involved. Making a movie of any size is difficult, and making a film with limited resources makes it even more difficult. Therefore, making a 90-minute film on a student's paycheck is (generally speaking) near impossible. Yet here we are, trying anyway.


I've spoken in detail about what this project means to me personally and the work I've put into it, but this crazy venture is only possible because of the other people involved. This is a team effort. As of right now, the Wrapped film team has 22 people on board. Did I mention I can't do this by myself? Allow me to introduce you to just a few key players:


Our producer: Rachel Lin

This project literally would not be happening without her. While my head is in the clouds asking philosophical story questions, she is budgeting and scheduling the film. Rachel is a sophomore at Biola University, and her ability to schedule, organize, coordinate and delegate is what keeps this production functioning. She initially wanted to be a cinematographer, but I'll be selfish and say I'm glad she's chosen producing instead. 


Our Marketing Director: Matthew Francis

In truth, I don't know whether to introduce this man as Matthew or Francis. He goes by both... I think. Whereas Rachel and I are focused on getting the film made, it's Francis that's responsible for finding us an audience. Matthew is a senior Business student at Biola University, and when he's not interning for Biola's marketing department, playing soccer, or doing homework, he's working on Wrapped. Somehow, Francis doesn't drink coffee. 


Our Casting Director: Katie Morton


Katie is one of the best actors I know, and her screenwriting abilities will probably put me out of a job someday. A casting director is the one who finds the actors and helps the director pick the right person; moreover, this job requires understanding acting and storytelling. Suffice to say, Katie is just the person for the job. 


Our Post-Production Supervisor: Ryan Hsu

This man is a wizard. I consider myself an experienced video editor, but Ryan's speed puts me to shame. I remember when I asked Ryan to come on board Wrapped  and he offered to show me a rough-cut of the film he was editing. I was astounded. In two weeks, Ryan had edited an almost 20-minute film shot in 8k. Bravo.  


Our Sound Designer: Rachel Pounders

The first time I worked with Rachel I was in over my head trying to run a live events tech team for Biola's Cinema department. This time, I'm in over my head trying to make a movie. Rachel's sound design skills are vastly superior to mine (and not just because I have bad hearing). Of course, Rachel is the type of person who works diligently but is always fun to be around -- she's the first to convince me to dip Wendy's french fries into a frosty. 


I mentioned that there are 22 people involved on the project, but that number only includes those officially involved. There are many more people involved with the project, whether it's the wonderful team behind the original short film who provide the inspiration, the professors advising us, or my mom saying "You can do this". I once said a film's authorship belongs to the team behind the film, not the director, and I stand by what I said. Wrapped is our film, and we're excited to share our story. 


- Calen

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