Indiegogo Week 1 Update + Behind the Scenes

April 6, 2018

In five days we have raised almost 20% of Wrapped's budget. I'm stunned, really. It's not the kind of stunned where I was doubtful of anyone's generosity so much as it is I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of generosity we've received. I see it as a miracle, but I'm also incredibly thankful for the large team on board who have diligently worked with what we've been given. For example, our team recently reached out to Biola's student government (vote "Yes" on our initiative Biola students!), and this presentation was solely our producer Rachel Lin's idea. Or consider the Indiegogo web page, all of that was created by Matthew Francis and our marketing team -- I have hardly touched it. The point being that I'm very thankful right now. We have 81% of our budget left to raise, but I'm confident that it will come.


For those who saw "Stolen Present" (our short teaser for Wrapped), I'd like to elaborate on a few things about the making of it in order to give you a better idea of how we'll be tackling the full film.



The first thing you'll notice is how small our crew was. There were nine people on set, and three of those people were actors. As shown in the photo, you almost couldn't tell we were filming because of how few people there were. To some, this may appear unprofessional, but because we had such a compact crew this meant that each team member was working at all times -- bigger crews can become sluggish when not everyone has an immediate task to accomplish. Our micro-sized crew was focused, collaborative, and efficient. Ironically, because of our small size and student status we were able to secure free film permits, saving us $1300. Telling people you're doing a class project does wonders.



Additionally, because of our small yet nimble crew, we were able to film four pages out of the script within four hours. Not all scenes will be able to be filmed this quickly, but this demonstrates my point about striving for maximum efficiency. A typical film, for comparison, will spend an entire day shooting what we shot in four hours. Though our production value isn't through the roof, the actors' performances make us laugh and the shots communicate the story while still looking decently professional. There are of course pros and cons to this approach. The pros being increased efficiency and lower cost, but the primary con is the potential to sacrifice quality. How do we overcome this challenge? My dad always told me to work smarter not harder, and that's our philosophy for Wrapped. 


To effectively tell the story whilst working within a laughably small budget meant we extensively planned the entire shoot. I've known some people to shoot the same scene from six different camera angles but then only use two of those shots in the final film. This is wasteful. We mapped out exactly what we needed and filmed only that. This can be risky if you don't plan well, and this is why collaboration is so necessary. With the skilled team on board Wrapped I'm not too worried. We're going to work smarter, not harder. 





This is just a brief glimpse into how we've been making this film. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We can't do this without you, and your help means the world to us, really. You can continue following the project by checking out our website or following us on social media, and if you haven't donated to the project I'd ask that you consider doing so. With 23 people on board, this project has the potential to help a lot of people kick-start their careers. 


It's been a fun ride, hasn't it?

- Calen




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