Indiegogo Week 4 Update: 70% Fundraised!

April 28, 2018

If you carefully look at this picture, then you’ll notice several things. The first thing you’ll see is my contorted facial expression and Rachel’s laughter, and the second thing you’ll see is the present I’ve just caught. This picture is indicative of where we are at in our fundraising right now. We are 70% funded; and while we’re celebrating this incredible moment, we still have work to do—as evidenced by my magazine-worthy facial expression.


Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, followed our social media and helped spread the word. Raising $7,000 in three weeks is an incredible feat, and we are truly humbled by everyone’s generosity. If you’ve seen anything from the rad team behind Space Waves, then you’ll know that despite having an overall budget of $11,000 they only need eight of that for the actual filming.


Likewise, for Wrapped: despite having a $10,000 budget, it is still possible to make it through filming should we fail to raise the full $10,000. This isn’t to say we don’t need the money—we do—so much as it is a testament to the diligence and adaptability of the team behind Wrapped. There are just three days left in our Indiegogo campaign, so please continue spreading the word and consider donating $1 if you haven’t already. This film is happening.



What’s next for Wrapped? A lot actually. Our casting director, Katie Morton, and I are presently sifting through the 200+ actor auditions we’ve received, and we aim to lock in our lead actors within the next two weeks. Meanwhile, our talented production manager and locations manager (Jeli Villeza and Jane Juarez) are creating our filming schedule and securing locations for us to film in. And I mentioned Ryan is a wizard, right? Well, he’s already put together a fantastic post-production schedule and is recruiting more team-members to help with the editing. Suffice to say, a l


ot is happening. As much as this project rests on the shoulders of everyone’s generosity, it’s the team working on Wrapped that is responsible for making it happen. Whether it’s Katie identifying weak-spots in an actor’s performance I missed, Jeli assembling a schedule that is both logistically and creatively feasible, Ryan crafting a strategy to safeguard us through editing, or Rachel Lin being the administrative backbone of this film, this is a team effort. Thank you to everyone who has financially supported the project, we couldn’t do this without you, and thank you to each member of the Wrapped crew, I couldn’t do this without you.


- Calen


P.S. You can get your name in the credits if you donate $1 to our Indiegogo:





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